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Where'd my Audio Input go? (+ Various Voice Issues)




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    My friends and I recently switched discord as our default voice chat.  It worked great for the first few days now all of a sudden multiple people just lose all audio in different ways. I can hear them but they cannot hear me, they can hear me but I cannot hear them. The only thing that seems to briefly fix the issue is completely ending discord in task manager then restarting the program. We tried raiding in WoW last night with 15 people, and you could hear people restarting their discord every five minutes because they cannot hear the leaders.  I love using discord, but when it gets like that it is very frustrating. Is there an issue with the latest build, or is this post supposed to fix it issue?

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    for some reason discord stopped picking up my laptop's mic even though the device shows up in the device list. my mic shows up exactly like this:Microphone (Conexant SmartAudio HD) 

    no sound is being transmitted, no green boarder shows up around my icon, i get the red banner saying my voice isnt being broadcasted. why is this?

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    For those affected by the "big red shiny banner"

    If your friends really CANNOT hear you, I probably have a solution :

    Right click on the "Sound" icon (bottom right) and then go to "Recording Device".

    Now Right click on your microphone, go to "Properties" and then in the "Levels" tab.

    Uncheck the mute button and you should be able to talk with your bros again.

    Hope this help, it worked fine for me and my friends.

    (Windows 10 seems to mute the microphone for no reason...)

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    Ⓣⓗⓔ Ⓛⓔⓜⓞⓝ (Edited )

    Hey there! I have been having problems, and I don't have these options to be honest. Well anyway my problems are that I cant hear at all! I have been trying many things but it doesn't work at all. I mean, they can hear me but I cant hear them. Please fix this. I am on PC with the app by the way.


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    @Ⓣⓗⓔ Ⓛⓔⓜⓞⓝ, I'm assuming you've tried resetting voice settings? Make sure you didn't miss an obvious step; make sure audio isn't muted, both on Windows and in the app; make sure the Volume Mixer volume for Discord isn't muted; make sure your headphones / speakers aren't muted. 


    If none of those work, try restarting your PC. If that still doesn't work, maybe a fresh install will help.

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    w1ckr (Edited )

    Mic will work fine in other programs (Adobe Connect, Win10 Voice recorder), but not discord. Been happening for a week or so. Removed external sound card and using onboard sound, but no change.


    Resolved, had to do some tweaking w/ onboard sound. Also had to change Discord from using default devices to the actual audio devices.

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    @Halke234 sorry about that! Can you shoot us an email to so we can help further?

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    Kramer (Edited )

    If I connect to a room, my laptop mic works for a split second, but then it just mutes again, i tried resetting the voice settings and messing with the actual mic settings, but nothing seems to work.

    EDIT:An hour or 2 ago I reset my PC, then I reinstalled discord again, could that have affected it?


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    I've tried every single thing in this article and it only worked for a few seconds before my mic stopped working. I've checked my headphones and computer mic and they both work perfectly fine. They both register my voice. But Discord doesn't even recognize my inputs. I've restarted the voice settings SO MANY times and changed the input device to my mic and it STILL WON'T WORK! Please help me quickly before a bust a hole in my brain and this computer

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    I've been having a finicky problem with Discord not properly picking up my mic lately. First, I have a Blue Snowball, connected via USB. Alright, now, the problem! When I first hop into a voice chat channel, it works just fine. I open the voice settings, and the 'input sensitivity' bar properly fills up and detects sounds in my room.

    After some time has passed, however - it could be anywhere between 20 minutes and 5 seconds - Discord just stops detecting sound input through my mic. In the voice settings, it shows the 'input sensitivity' bar frozen at whatever it was from the last sound it happened to pick up. I can still hear everyone else, but they cannot hear me.

    If I go to the Input Device drop-down, and select something else and then go back to my Blue Snowball, it works again. But, inevitably, after some time has passed (I just did it again while typing this out), it stops picking up my mic again.

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    Tris543 (Edited )

    With the voice setting on the Discord, unlike TeamSpeak 3 which has the setting, in a different way. The input on Capture and output on Playback (this will be a dropdown menu for those which is new to TS3 or/and Discord). Discord has both output and input all in the one setting, 'voice'. Best thing to do, is to see if you have correctly put the input or/and output to the right device.


    You can check to see, what devices you are using in the playback and recording default setting are. By right clicking the speaker on the bottom right hand on the screen and clicking, playback devices or recording devices, you can see what device you're using by it being highlighted in a dark gray. ( be aware, this part is for users and are new to windows or have their first pc)

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    I'm having a problem where discord is picking up the mic (and showing the bar moving) but no one can actually hear me. I've checked all settings and I'm not mute.
    I don't know if its a fault with my mic though (Astro A40). 

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    How do I unsubscribe to this post? I've been getting mail from this post for the past 3 months whenever someone comments on it. 

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    Just under the OP you should see a button that says Unfollow.

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    Hey thanks! Couldn't find it for a second, but managed it in the end. Cool!

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    What do Android users do? I guess I'm moving back to Skype.

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    I can't reset voice settings. Every time I try, it Just crashes discord


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    How is this article suppose to help? I mean this mostly to show what to do to know when it's not working but most of us r here because it's alrdy not working y is this the auto web that we're sent to when it doesn't work???

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    My mic is fine in all other programmes (skype etc) and it was working fine with discord the past few months.

    This week all of a sudden I keep getting this message and indeed it picks nothing up.

    It is not hardware muted, yes all the settings are fine.

    I've reinstalled discord, rebooted my pc, restarted discord, none of which work.

    Whenever I try to reset the voice settings discord just turns into a dark grey block that doesn't do anything. It ends up in me having to force close it, after which my mic still doesn't work.

    As you can imagine this is very inconvenient.

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    I have same issues as above, stable or PTB, it just not working.

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    I'm using a Microsoft surface pro 3 and its not letting me talk. Everything is unmuted and I've tried everything to get it to work. Help

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    **FIX** - Looking through all the solutions in this thread and others my last resort was testing my secondary discord account and it worked. Try a different account and odds are it may return to normal. 

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    My mate doesent have a headset, so he uses discord on his tablet. He can hear me but I cant hear him. this is obviously a different case as he has it on tablet

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    My mic wont work unless im in a skype call plz help

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    Hey I'm on ANDROID and when ever my friend keeps calling me I can't hear him and he can't hear me. Idk what's going on usually my phone doesn't do this

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    I can hear my friends but they can't hear me, this happens on both mobile and laptop (I've tried with and without headphones). Most of my friends are in america and the server is located there while i'm in Singapore is there anyway of getting more stable connection with them?

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    Can audio quality be reduced (eg. reduction of bandwidth consumption and improvement of latency) without disabling High Priority QoS (which saves on bandwidth, but increases latency)?

    For comparison's sake, either using different codec streams or offering the option might help for those who don't want to prioritize Discord above other processes.

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    i don't have a usb or any kind to thing my mic i need help

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    Know how to fix this for Ios?

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    my mic won't work unless im on a skype call I've tried to do everything on this thread along with messing around on my laptops mic settings and some own messing around trying to get it to work and nothing has helped this issue started out of nowhere today and i have no idea how to fix it. restarting doesn't help. i really like the app and id hate for this to ruin it please help

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