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How do I stop @everyone mentions from select servers?




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    This no longer works. There is no server pull down menu.
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    @OperatorDandy nothing changed on our end, are you using the mobile app?
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    Dirigible Tomato (Edited )

    This should be an option for specific channels. I don't want these @everyone and @here mentions from certain muted chats, but I want them for others.

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    @Dirigible Tomato noted! It'd help us a ton if you could also upvote it over at =]


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    H20 delirious


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    please update so that it shows @everyone and @here, as i will be referencing this page to our members, thanks in advance!

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    This apparently no longer works. I have a few bots that are in a server on which I'm a moderator. I have removed "Mention Everyone" from the Role and from the specific Server, and also made sure they did not have Administrator access.

    A few of the bots that link out to sites that offer streams about a specific game continue to use @here and it's pinging everyone (and driving them nuts).

    Several users have asked me to turn off that tag, but I don't see how it's possible given both Administrator and Mention Everyone permissions are already disabled.

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    This does not work for specific roles.

    In example: you have a role called @member that is mentionable, supressing @everyone mentions or setting the server notification settings to nothing will not stop you from getting mentioned

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