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    My Overlay Doesnt come up please help

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    It's pretty useless without a chat feature.. :/

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    Any plans for a mac version? :(

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    I agree, the overlay really needs a text chat function otherwise it is basically useless.

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    The overlay for Elder Scrolls Online won't work the community there were love to use it there is a lot of guilds who would love to use it

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    Mac support in the works?? <3

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    PJ (CMDR Dyvim)

    The only point of the overlay would be to view messages that are typed into chat ... and it doesn't do that.

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    I can't get the overlay to work at all. it doesn't crash it just doesn't show up. even though i did everything

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    I did everything to that should allow overlay to show, the only thing is it doesn't, what should I do?

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    My only issue with this is that it defaults to the upper lefthand corner. I'd much prefer an option to where we could have it upper left or right. Other than that, it's working fine for me, very nice and simple, nothing too big or blocky as a distraction.

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    I'm not a hardcore user of Discord yet as my friends haven't been persuaded by me to switch over from Skype. They are too content. (They want webcam/share screen capability)

    Anyway. I think the Overlay is a sweet niche of a feature. Probably won'tbe used too much with friends as you recognise voices anyway. However. Personally I dislike that I can't customize the little symbol in the top left corner as of now. I'd like to have a option to toggle that symbol on or off. It's a bit distracting in game. And I'd like to be able to customize the size of said symbol if I want it there.

    And yeah like others say. When you press the designated hotkey (combination) to bring up the little UI it would be close to essential to have a little chat window to the right of the current voice channel ui it brings up now. It would remove the need to alt tab for users with merely one display.

    I'm very excited about the development of Discord! I can't wait until the day I can persuade my friends to switch over from Skype. But before that Discord needs to become a little more personal. Skype is getting worse and worse by time but it's advantage is how easy it is to add friends and just call them.
    That's why my friends would like to see Webcam and Screenshare for example :)

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    Meowserita (Kaylem)

    There definitely needs to be text chat in the overlay as well.

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    How can I move the overlay in my games .. they are on top of my party list which is VERY annoying :(

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    Might I suggest adding the ability to relocate the overlay and or making the main icon partially opaque. In certain games it gets in the way of hud elements (like the radar in csgo for instance).

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    How do i whitelist it?

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    warframe isnt working with overlay even though its whitelisted AND i did check the overlay box for the game next to it

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    Would it be possible to add the ability to hide the little discord icon while maintaining the normal functionality of the overlay? As an owner of an OLED display, any image and especially anything blue that is left on in a single spot will "burn in" on OLEDs.

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    Totally needs a chat overlay portion now.

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    no in Game Text Chat overlay??????

    this new patch is useless so far

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    Waiting for chat too!! but it's okay for now. Keep working and thank you for the great work!!

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    So far loving Discord, In regards to the overlay, I like having a text chat ability while in game as well as the voice chat. Other than that, no complaints ATM! Good job so far guys!

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    Well good job. working fine. only problem is discord app symbol(in game) so ugly :( make it more simple please.
    Like this:

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    8oo (Edited )

    Is there a way for the overlay to be invisible until you press shift+`?  If there isn't, I would suggest adding that option.  When playing seriously, the overlay can get in the way of things that would otherwise be visible. Thank you.

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    This definitely needs to work with text chat as well. And a way to hide the main icon.

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    No change to enable the text feature in the overlay?

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    needs to just be chat to be honest.

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    We absolutely need the ability to MOVE this overlay around in all our games to a place that suits that game for our own personal style. Especially in games where the UI is fully customizable. 

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    Ladrason (Lad)

    Hey everyone I just thought I'd write down what I did to fix the problem for me with the help from ellolizard of the Discord team.


    When I tried to either start or reinstall Discord I couldn't if I did not run it as admin. This was fixed by going into

    This was fixed by going into appdata/local/discord and also making sure that the Update program did not run as admin.


    When I tried to uninstall Discord I noticed that all files were not deleted.

    In appdata/local there were two files, Discord and Discord PTB.

    In appdata/roaming there were one file, Discord.

    After I deleted these three files and tried to reinstall Discord everything worked and the overlay started to work in games as well!

    So to anyone who's having trouble with the overlay, try and search for anything related to Discord that might have been left behind after you've uninstalled it.



    Thank you Discord Team and ellolizard for the help and I hope that this will help someone to get Discord overlay to work again! :D

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    Please make the overlay moveable.

    In League of Legends it's on top of the target panel.

    In World of Warcraft on top of the character info panel.

    If I could move it, I could design my screen myself.

    Thank you for the feature anyways. :)

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    Uncle jobel

    I'm clicking on Settings, and the games menu is not showing. I'm on mac. Can someone help?

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