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    Does blocking someone actually alert them they were blocked? Without them figuring out from an inability to send DMs, I mean.


    I'd like to use the feature as a stopgap to make some conversations easier to sort through, rather than to explicitly avoid contact with certain people, and I don't know if it's horrifically unsuited for that or not.

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    @Exuno No official notification or alert from the app until they attempt to DM you! 

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    Why isn't there a block image feature?  I don't necessarily want to block a server user outright, but sometimes I don't want to see the crappy emo janga cartoon shit that gets posted either.  Why can't we block images?

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    Who can see my status? If I unfriend or block someone, can they still see if I'm online?

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    Why are blocked users able to start a private voice chat with me? Every now and then I get a voice call request from a user that I've blocked. The request call lasts a couple of seconds and then stops - can't tell if the cancellation was automatic or made by him.

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    GhostBlade_15 (Edited )

    I can't block in the Discord app, plz fix! I have to wait even longer as an iPad user, have to block on the PC

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    @Coffee is this DM or server VC?

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