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    Houtarou Oreki

    Keep this style of writing, it's great xD

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    So good, i had to read it twice.

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    As a Discord server admin, I've been trying to set up private voice "Group Channels" that conceal whom is part of the conversation. If the standard VOICE channels (which an admin can administer as to whom gets access via Roles) there was a checkbox option to "Convert to Private Group Call" (No Friending Required), it would make the whole process easier and quicker for members of the channel.
    As admin, we know not everyone, knows of this article, and can't walk every member of the server through the steps to start a private group conversation. They would likely just go to their own Discord or TS server. 

    My scenario is;

    A few publicly accessible persistent world game server, runs 24/7 where the world never turns off.

    I have Text channels for servers status, upcoming server updates, item trade requests, etc.

    Then there are VOICE channels, one for server admins naturally, then an open Voice channel for each of the world servers, and then PRIVATE Tribe channels, that are only accessible by members of that specific tribe.

    That's good, but not so good when it's openly visible to whom is Online (or isn't) because players will raid the bases if they see that tribes channel empty (current Discord configuration) believing everyone is off the game.

    The above articles Group Call does provide the "hidden" factor I'm looking for, but requires you LEAVE the standard Discord view, AND demands that you be Friends to even start the process of a private group call.


    If, there was a configuration option for the Discord Server admin, or privileged  user in the channel, they could just set the voice channel type; to publicly visible or private channel, that would be exactly what is needed.


    On the Voice channel creation, Overview tab

    Basically asking for an option for voice channels type;

    connected persons
    Publicly Visible / Privately Hidden 



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    I don't see the kick button anymore 

    New update ?

    Not possible anymore to kick someone from a group chat ?

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