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[Windows] Discord Hotkeys




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    Jhon Kena

    Ctrl+Alt+Arrow keys might not be the best idea on windows, since instead of scrolling through servers it flips the whole screen upside down :P

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    Wrench (Mogcree)

    Yet no Ctrl+F still.

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    Ctrl+F would really be appreciated for finding stuff without having to scroll through channels.

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    Jhon Kena, not saying that you necessarily want to do this, but if you want to stop that screen flipping behavior, it's probably hot key settings in the Intel graphics options (still trying to figure out why they enabled those by default).

    Unrelated note, Ctrl+B for "Return to previous text channel" is not on the "chart", nor in the in-app chart, nor does it work, as best I can tell. I like the idea of going back to the room in which I idle after I go read a new message somewhere, so I'd like to see it implemented, but if not implemented, perhaps remove it from the list. :)

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    On Windows what does CTRL + SHIFT + D do?  I did it once by mistake and I get a noise like I'm shutting something down, and if I repeat the command I get the opposite "starting up" style sound effect.  But I have no idea what (if anything) is actually happening...

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    CTRL + comma for Settings Window would've helped an issue I had today with a theme hiding the settings button.

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    Ability to configure would be awesome. Would love to use hjkl instead of arrow keys. Or wasd to control with just the right hand.

    Also, as Jhon Kena pointed out, arrow keys flips the screen on some systems. 

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    How do you disable the hotkeys? 

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    how about a way to open the old splash for user settings

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    If anyone has managed to set the Discord Desktop App to Full Screen please use Ctrl + Shift + F restore the normal window.

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    All these hotkeys, how are there not ones for "Voice Output Volume" up or down?  Surely those are essential?

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