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How Discord Friend Sync Respects Your Privacy




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    it would be nice if you could explain how this works, I mean how Discord knows your account name, friend count etc., I still don't understand how it knows the exact number of people on my Steam/ friendlists. How does it fetch my account name etc.

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    T80 (Edited )

    What the hell, Discord? You DO NOT have permission to read what accounts I have on other services, even for the purpose of trying to get me to opt-in to this feature. I don't care if you're just reading my profiles to show me how useful it could be. NO. Just no! Reading what accounts I have on other services feels like a violation. Doubly so when its done to try to convince me to share info about my contacts with you. What the hell were you thinking when you added this? The right way to do a feature like this is to ask for permission FIRST, before you even look at what accounts the user has.

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    I don't think it's that big a deal to freak out about.  Now yes, it made me pause when I saw it, and I was a little thrown off, but it's not really that hard to find the information.  I'd also like to point out that if you're using any of these services, your data is already up for grabs(Skype in particular is a nasty little thing), at least with this one they admit that it doesn't leave your computer until you opt in.

    All that being said, I WOULD, like Rain, like to know how it seemed to figure out not just my Skype name, but the number of friends I have, seeing as I haven't used Skype for a while now.

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    would be also nice to know which versions of Skype client / apps are supported etc.

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    Atrocious. T80 has the right of it. The implementation of this feature without first asking the user disgusts me, frankly. I will stop using discord from now on, back to software that respects the user's privacy.

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    To people complaining their rights have been violated, I am pretty sure discord already had the connection with Steam.  It detects when I am in a game and what game I am playing in steam.  To me, this seems like an added feature that you can choose to utilize or not.  Personally I won't be using this feature as there are some people I would like my communication to remain on Steam.

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    😈 ShyBaby 😈

    Trying to connect my battlenet with discord, but it keeps telling me "Either the app is not running on this computer or no new accounts were detected kthx" but im logged into my battlenet/wow on the site. Do i have to have a game or somethign running for it to detect my battlenet so i can connect it?? 

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    Well they could have use the steam's OpenID login feature instead of just getting the data directly thru steam.

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    @ShyBaby the same thing is happening to me with Skype.

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    really, really discord. I am almost tempted to stop using this service thanks to this. WHAT WERE YOU EVEN THINKING. you can just see my other accounts and all my steam friends? I would understand if you had to verify this in steam but no! the scary thing isn't really the fact that you can see all of this. it's more what if the discord servers get hacked. then they have full access to basically my whole computer. i mean it scan's your WHOLE COMPUTER to find installed apps. this means that a hacker could technically scan my whole computer if they got into the discord server.

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    Ok I am *NOT* happy with the unauthorized scraping of the setting of other apps on my computer. You *ask* first before inspecting other applications identity information. I cant even imagine what other things it went looking for that i didn't have locally installed,

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    Same with @😈 ShyBaby 😈. 

    I can connect with no problems with all the rest accounts, except

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    Never mind privacy, this feature is incredibly confusing:

    • There's no way to manually create an association without letting the magic detect it. So there isn't even any sign that you can connect accounts until you run the desktop version.
    • You can't re-run the process that displays suggestions.
    • Suggestions count as receiving a friend request as far as the unread message count is concerned.
    • Consequently, either you accept them, dismiss the suggestion forever, or have a permanently nonzero unread message count.


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    What happens if you want to re-enable steam friends thingy after you turned it off? I did and its giving me the "service is not running or no new profiles detected" msg. It should know my profile tho and reconnect to that. Right??

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    I would argue that this article is not true.
    I can't get dismissed suggestions back after disconnecting and reconnecting, so clearly system did remember something about my synced account.

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    okay, this is really messed up. not necessarily because it checks for your accounts in other applications, but because it sends those stupid notifications to your contacts without your permission.

    and despite getting all this information about your accounts and contacts, they APPARENTLY can't tell that it's probably not a smart idea to send those notifications to BLOCKED CONTACTS??

    now I have someone trying to add me on discord that I've had blocked on skype for over 2 years. 

    really discord?? really???

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  • Ok so, I used to have a Skype account, then I forgot my password and such and blah blah blah. Point is-- I have a new Skype account and Discord is still trying to connect to my old account, how do I get it to connect to my new one?

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    I would like to connect my new Skype account, but it continuously recommends adding my old Skype that I don't use anymore. Anyone know the way to add my new Skype?

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