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Changing Online Status




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    doesnt work for me at all, nothing comes up

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    Does this work on Android?

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    can i not do this on mobile?

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    Can you please specify if this works only on the client or can this be done on the web app also? Thanks.

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    I don't believe these features are available on mobile as mobile is newer than the desktop and is still getting features implemented. As for the Web-based client, it does work, just make sure you click on your avatar instead of your name! :)

    Hopefully, I helped!

    Have a good one guys!



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    Fr0stBitten aka Bayblackfox

    On the bottom left of you client you will see a small version of your portrait. That is where you click not your portrait on the right side. This has worked for me on the pc client and the web-based client.

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    This helped, thnx

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    Hey Discord devs!  A few friends and I were testing the status indicator on various devices and OS', and have run into a few problems.  All of the below were running the latest versions of Discord.

    * Sony Xperia Z1 Compact running Android 5.1.1 -- can't go invisible manually at all.  The only way to appear offline is to actually BE offline (i.e. phone is off, or Discord is force-stopped, or Discord is logged out).

    * iPhone 7 running iOS 10.2.1 -- got stuck on automatic idle status after a few mins of inactivity, and could not manually change to online.  Indicator stayed yellow for person trying to change, however it *did* show up as green for the rest of us who were talking with her.  And periodically changed back to yellow, then green again, then yellow ... for no apparent reason.  As far as she was concerned she was only trying to go from yellow to green and it didn't work.

    * Windows 7 laptop using Discord in the browser (Firefox 51.0.1) -- same person as previous point; even after she shut Discord entirely on her phone, she still couldn't change her status on the browser version.


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    Please, please PLEASE. For the love of your users, don't get rid of the Invisible function. It would completely suck.

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    @MissEvelyn -- was there talk of them doing so? o_O  If so, I really hope it's not something they're considering ... it's one of the things that made me stop using Gtalk when Hangouts came out and you could never be 'offline'.

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    By the way, the song goes "Spooky scary skeletons", not "Super spooky skeletons".

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