Nitro for Mobile




  • MoonlightCapital
    Don't think Discord will give the cut of the money Apple wants to them
  • MoonlightCapital
    Don't think Discord will give the cut of the money Apple wants to them
  • mesub
    A nice idea, however discord has to give 30% of the cut to Apple, and they're trying to avoid that
  • Tiemen
    Actually, this is in the works.
  • Lelantos

    In response to Dannysaur,

    This feature isn't available in the Alpha updates. The Alpha update consists of being allowed to pay via Google Pay / Credit Card. This feature requests states:

    "Make people be able to get nitro on mobile iTunes/Google Play Store"

    I understand that Google / Apple takes a cut of the money but I honestly wouldn't mind paying 30% more since a lot of us don't have access to credit cards.

  • O.A

    This is very good idea.

  • Shin

    Urgh.....can you guys make it that I can buy nitro from Google gift card, or just use Google store built-in subscription, seen a few app does it. I don't mind paying more than PayPal because this is more convenient for me and I use discord on my phone to talk I friends and clan very often.

  • 6 ⅈ ᝣ 🔥ᖘ ꃅ ꂦ ꍟ ꈤ ꀤ ꉓ🔥

    I was so glad to see that the
    Nitro option was added to in
    app purchases within Discord , however then I got
    sad I couldn't use my Google
    play credit that I had loaded
    funds on using a Google play
    gift card, or use Carrier Billing
    I bought it anyway, but maybe
    help me next month not be so sad..

  • Yaoyao

    yea add it we really need it !

  • MoonlightCapital
    Discord isn't willing to give Google the 30% cut of the nitro cut, so you're probably not seeing this anytime toon.
  • Fury

    When is the google play feature be available?

  • Fury

    When will it be available @DannySaur, its been 21 days..

  • drift7RS

    Mobile nitro is here!

    I can confirm as it has been rolled out on the iOS app in settings! :D

  • __BIOHAZARD___

    Can I use my Google play balance to buy nitro?

  • Orion |

    It's been over a month now and it's not a function on Android yet. When will it be available?

  • eruveshio

    Now looks like there's the option via Google Pay, still no Google Play which would be much better and easier. Hopefully, someday, soon™

  • I Am Iron Man

    I have no idea why but since I have no debit or credit card since I need to wait till next year to qualify for a debit card since I am 15 but the discord nitro classic is only available for iOS not the normal nitro which has games, I am willing to pay even $20 usd per month if I have to for the normal discord nitro not the classic but only th classic you can pay with iTunes gift cards and there is no option for the normal nitro that gives u game perks any reason why? Or are they still working on it

  • mesub
    @I am iron man Apple does not allow apps to be distributed outside the app store, which is why discord can't do anything about that
  • I Am Iron Man

    Wait hat then how am I able to purchase classic nitro using Apple Pay but not normal nitro

  • I Am Iron Man

    @mesub I get what you are saying but can’t they put a disclaimer that the game boosters for the normal discord nitro is for pc only or console ?

  • Anatomis (Perfect)
    Hmmm, I am gonna upvote this. Have an upvote.
  • iara

    I've been wishing for this for ages now. When I got told it was gonna be possible to buy it via mobile, I was extremely happy, then realised all you did was add paypal/credit card option in mobile, which is unequivocally redundant as I was hoping for it to be possible to buy via iTunes or Google Play Cards.

  • ! ҠΛNUN🔥aLσƝŁEAĐΣЯƊαяƘ🔥ᵛᵉᵛᵒ ツ

    Keşke herkese 1 aylık nitro denemek için bedava yapsalar :(

  • Heck

    Google Play takes a 30% cut,
    So for a $10 payment Discord would only be getting $7, to get the full $10 for it Discord would need to charge $14-$15

    For a $5 payment Discord would be getting $3.5, so they would actually need to charge $7-$8

    I don't really think many people are going to be excited about needing to pay more. PayPal may not be the option for everyone but they're much more fair with their 2.9% cut

  • TheManGuyFella

    I, as with many others as can be seen here, would gladly take the extra charge on top to be able to pay for nitro with Google Play Store billing. I am not paying for it and have not paid for it, but I certainly would if that option were available to me. Just thought I'd put that out.

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