Mobile custom rolecolors



  • Alpha

    This would be a really useful feature to add, especially for mobile server owners.

  • Ice

    Yeah, I definitely agree on this one. It's annoying to have to go to a PC or use desktop Discord on mobile.

  • Skwaleks
    I think the whole weel would be unnefficient on mobile, but just an HEX input option would make it much easier indeed
  • Jackyjo

    I'd like it if we could also upload emojis to servers on Mobile please!

  • Toast

    This exists.

  • Purpzie

    Toast, it doesn't exist on mobile yet unfortunately (at least on Android).

  • D4rkiZito...

    This has to be implemented

  • Thinking in Winter | 冬は考える | ❄

    It doesn't on iOS either.

  • N i c o l a s G E

    yeah let us change the hex value of the color

  • Dora

    Yeah, I agree. -)

  • criptixo

    this would be absolutely great

  • 「ボートカント」

    Yes i think mobile should get custom colors as well as PC i shouldn't be forced to by a computer just to change my role to a color i like thats absolutely redundant

  • FalseChainzzz

    Yes this is needed I keep using the same old colors when I’m not on my computer and it’s annoying.

  • fosteri

    I agree with skwaleks, hex codes would be best

  • Darth
    An option to enter a hex code would be nice also
  • Simplicity and desperation.

    I am currently managing a server, sometimes on the go. It would be not really smart of me to walk into school with a trolley full of PC parts behind me.

  • Canine8_YT
    I agree but it should be for iOS aswell
  • KolkiesDev
    Atm I need to walk to my pc or wait till I am home to change role colors in custom hex values, so it will be really nice to have
  • ooga booga

    I would love for this feature to come out! 

  • Mr Mustachio

    hell yes ive been waiting for this to be added to mobile and it might come too they recently did just add the emotes management to mobile


  • AbstractDeveloper

    Already been suggested,

  • P9

    We need a color picker like pc

  • matt;

    This is a feature that really needs to be added to discord mobile, iOS and Android. I still have no clue as to why this isn’t even implemented yet. It’d be very useful though, however it’d be absolutely redundant to be forced to buy a computer just to pick a custom color. Come on, let’s be real here. This is a feature that is desperately needed on discord mobile.

  • CakeSZ

    Yes,its very convenient for mobile version, the colors it already has are,ok but it would be better to have the infinite pallette like in PC.

  • Frosty
    I definitely agree. It'd be useful.
  • Frosty
    I definitely agree. It'd be useful.

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