Audit logs on mobile




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  • Mad Scientist

    I believe this might  be done on Android, but on iOS it is not possible to view the audit log. I have the most updated version of Discord (2.3.10 at the time of this post). Being able to view it would be great!

  • Izanagi

    I agree. Audit logs are important in some servers.

  • DanielCanWin

    Agreed. I was looking through the welcome channel of a server I staffed and the bot provided audit logs and saw that a member had been banned for no apparent reason. I was about to call whoever it was out because the bot logs provided no name of who did the action and I realized it was the owner because another staff member said that to me. I almost yelled at my server boss basically

  • Xylium

    Hi there, this feature already exists on both android and iOS. If you have iOS then download the stable 2.4.1 app in the App store. Unfortunately i am not an android user, but if you do have android i would recommend to check Google play store! :)

  • ArticThePerson

    Hey, I have the latest version, but for some reason it doesn’t show up. (iOS) maybe I’ll try reinstalling the app

  • Xylium

    Hi there, wasn't sure if my post arrived through email because i was trying to show an example. If it did, i'm sorry. But for me it does work and i'm on iOS 12 right now, as far as i know you'll need iOS 11+ to be able to get 2.4.0 stable and above 2.4.1 (as of right now/current stable) attached a link to show you what i mean, hopefully this helps you and if you already figured it out yourself happy discording! :D 

  • waffles
    just an fyi audit log is on Android as well as iOS testflight and is planned to come to the iOS public version
  • waffles
    correction, this is already on the stable version of both iOS and Android! Make sure you check that the feature doesn't exist before submitting it as a suggestion
  • megannnjay
    I believe this has been launched on Android already (or at least I definitely have access to audit logs on mobile). If it hasn't been launched on iOS already, it probably will be soon
  • Blastoise186
    As a bug hunter who uses the Android Alpha, I can confirm that Audit Logs are available on that build. Hopefully Stable will get them soon if they aren't on there yet.
  • ArticThePerson

    I never saw it before so that’s why I suggested it :p thanks for telling me where it was though!

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