Chat Timeout



  • Bloodysunset

    I don't see a useful situation for this one.

    If it's just to mess with your friends, you can setup a role that can only see one specific channel, then apply this role to your friend for all the time you want, then remove it!

    Hope it helps you.

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  • Nigel



    You can give channel specific member specific permissions

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  • Otto Raynar

    Sure, there's no real use for it if you're only on small private servers, but on large public servers there aren't many tools for a moderator.

    As it stands without this, there is no way for moderators to inflict a minor punishment to a user.

    Just deleting someone's messages doesn't do anything to stop the behavior continuing, and may very well go entirely unnoticed.

    A kick is a non-punishment on a public server where they can simply rejoin, and no different from a ban on a private one.

    A ban should be a final, permanent punishment for a persistent problem user.

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  • meef

    exctly what otto said.

    mods lack tools to react to posted stuff imho.


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  • LessThanThree

    Any progress on this, this would really be useful. modding a multi thousand person server without this tool is a bit problematic, banning people out right is really drastic and kicking them does nothing because they can just rejoin, and then they are apt to misbehave more out of spite. 


    Creating a timeout roll is fine but when discord is linked to twitch the other permissions due to being a subscriber/ patron etc over ride any limits set by that roll 

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  • MiKau

    That feature would be extremely welcome. Just let us set this as a toggleable in the roles sections, to prevent abuse and we are fine.


    If someone don't like it, just don't give that permission to anyone on your server

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