Editing others messages

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  • Mils

    I've seen a lot of people wanting the ability to edit another member's messages, but if discord has the permission for that it could be used for framing or trying to get someone else in trouble.

  • Tiger
    That would easily be abused by other people ( admins/staff members )
  • Greem

    While a good idea, that would be overly abused.

  • nani

    Now, everyone here is saying that it would be abused, but that would be entirely the server owner's wrongdoing. They were the ones who granted that permission, and they are fully responsible for what they have done within the server. 

  • ! LFT Wondeys

    What about you can see who edited the message. For example: Message (edited by {name})

  • Ts

    I see a lot of people saying it can be abused, but so can things like banning, kicking, etc. All this would do is improve functionality and I would 100% love to see this implemented.

  • Tim

    There is still the audit log, here you could see such edits.

  • Frosty
    It'd cause crisis. No please
  • Youckle_4

    Think about a server with shared admins and a welcome message with rules

    Currently only the original poster can edit this post, however I would like all my admins to be able to edit that topic.

  • Jonathan Spychala

    I run a business server and people have to present themselves in order to get access to more channels

    Sometimes in their presentation they put ads or business links...
    I would like to be able to keep their presentation but remove their commercial link

    +1 for this feature!

  • bastet_of_orion
    There's such a huge potential for this to be abused, though, as moderators would have the unique ability to access server audit logs - implementing an edit history for messages can get messy very quickly, despite a possible ability to show who edited what, and in what order.
  • Dal Stahr

    I've wanted to be able to collaborate with others in Discord for quite some time. Technically, I want to be able to (and have others be able to) post a message and as the poster specifically allow editing by [role].

  • Aqua
    This is a bad idea, with this feature a bad mod can accuse and frame other members by saying they did something bad.
  • Professor Sniff

    Please explain how this won't be abused

  • Dal Stahr

    As with posts that are edited by the owner, posts edited by those allowed to by the owner could have a clickable "edited by..." link that would pop open the list of editors.

  • Tim

    I love the idea of Dal Stahr, I would go even further in being able to see what a message was before it got edited, this is a problem I have faced in the past with removed and edited messages.

  • SuperSajuuk
    this will never happen and would be abused to no end in the majority of discord communities. Discord is not a forum software and should not contain forum-esque features such as this.
  • Doggo


  • Doggo

    The reason u can't edit the message other people sent is so u can't frame someone for anything...

  • !Takes a Carcino

    It limits the part that can be abused if they can only delete from it, not rearrange/add

  • SkarletShadows

    let people type how they like, its not like its a school report or something. there's way more important stuff to do. i mean you might be able to code a bot to remove a users message but have fun spending months on that.

  • Romans_120

    I agree with what some of the others have said, make some accountability. And not have this function for every post, only certain ones that would be setup by admin specifically to be edited by other mods. Very useful for a policy/rules page, or an info page. The message would then say: edited by {name /or list of names} (like what !LFT Wondeys, Dahl Star and Tim) suggested above.

  • Kvazimado

    Strange comments, I see. It seems that wherever there is such a function, all these commentators were substituted) This function is very useful - 1. When changing the rules of the server or channel, and the author of a subject is absent. It is more convenient to make changes than to write new text (especially if the information is large). 2. Some users write bad things. And it would be possible to introduce these things into the rules, but then they will be silent. With this feature, bots will appear that will edit the words, and insert instead of a single word, either asterisks or flower names). And Yes, about abuse - and the fact that moderators can ban anyone, does it bother you? Maybe someone on your server rambunctious, and during the night all PureBasic, will go into the sunset, and you have hurt the reputation, number of friends and users will leave....Discord already provides all the features so that people with low intelligence can disturb the peace of mind of users. And one more necessary function will not affect it in any way. And you, gentlemen, I recommend to choose people who will be honest before you and before your users.

  • Cam
    I *strongly* disagree. This would be abused **so** much.
  • ℍ𝕖𝕝𝕝𝕠 𝕋𝕙𝕖𝕣𝕖
    Discord is a chat app not a forum software
  • JohnBlake

    No, it would be useful to remove unwanted links. No need bots!

  • Potzerus

    While i dont see why youd want to just keep the rest of the message if you dont want people to post links youd have to understand that this can be abused to put words into peoples mouths, i think this is a horrible idea due to those implications

  • Potzerus

    also this wouldnt make bots unneeded at all... someone would still have to edit messages manually or through a bot

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