Gifting Nitro.



  • Dillonee

    That would be amazing. I have a friend who really wants to get me nitro but has no way right now. I’m not that kind of person to be like give me your money but it would be sick.

  • Nero-sama

    The first step for it is to allow us getting Nitro without a recurring sub. That would be a huge step forward. Also, the gifting system would be amazing. I would have gifted to 4 friends for 1 year that amazing feature!

    All I want is to support Discord a lot for giving us such cool features!

  • Squishy

    I really want this to happen too. Like buying nitro codes to give to a friend this Christmas:<

  • RecursiveFault

    Have a good friend who tries his best to meme with default emotes, I would like to assist him

  • jintheory

    well...I dont know what else to gift. Nitro would be super awesome by now. 

  • ! Cøŕàźöñ ♡🌹

    That would be wonderful! 
    Idea: Some people that who doesn't use Discord may want to buy someone Nitro. So gifting should be possible for anyone. Not only Discord registered users.

  • Tengo sueño

    Yes pls, no more birthday present procrastination

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