Add new gif setting for "always play GIFs"



  • ShaMe

    Hey there Kossuth.

    Most players have GIFs automatically play.
    The large majority of users LIKE the auto-play feature and keep it on.
    I mean, if 70% of players were disabling the auto-play feature than.. yes. Right on, but they don't.

    Having it on by default means that everyone who installs Discord does not have to go into Settings and turn it on manually.
    A smaller portion of people want it 'off' by default than 'on' and if we turn it 'off' we're going to have tons of people going to settings just to turn it back 'on' how it originally was set to.


  • bastet_of_orion
    This is a great accessibility idea, as well as reducing lag if someone needs to scroll through a chat and it's gif-heavy. Perhaps a middle ground of only playing gifs that are currently-viewed (however big the window is, 50 messages at a time, etc) could be reached for this, while still putting a toggle in the accessibility options to preemptively stop all gifs when not hovered over.

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