Auto-reply to DMs



  • Nellag

    I see this has 4 downvotes. Can someone shed some light on why this is. Do you not agree with the idea? Is my formatting bad?



  • Logan

    No idea why there's many down votes on this but i've been searching for such thing for the same reasons but i haven't find any.

  • Mirana

    I can't understand why people down voted your post either. But I think this idea would be very useful. I would use it for a different purpose though.

    As a person with anxiety at the moment, I would love to be able to send an auto-reply to my private messages when I just can't answer to people right now. It's something simple and maybe a niche way to use it. But I know it would help with my stress for not being able to answer for days... Or months. And it would help my friends not to worry too much about why they don't have an answer yet.

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