Is it possible to make Discord be dark theme during certain hours of the day?



  • The Alabama Slammer

    This idea does not really make sense to me.

  • Hans

    Why not? Most other apps does that, why shouldn't Discord support it?

  • waffles
    no, there is no way to do this currently
  • Dice

    Why would this even be downvoted? It's practically standard in most macOS apps by now, and is 100% possible in Electron apps such as Discord.

  • NARbluebear

    Why would you want to use Light theme? That's about as blinding as most of this website, and even more blinding than the sun!

  • Amanie

    Not me, but people do use the light theme.

    Alternatively to sunrise/sunset, a schedulable one, like the Night Mode of Win10 1803+.

    …That said, how would it look like switching from each modes?

    • Instantaneous change upon a tick towards a certain time
    • A bit of notification showing up atop the interface (not necessarily popping or prompting up which may de-focus your typing), then seconds after changes the theme.
    • Theme change seconds after the window or app becomes unfocused.
  • Zacatero
    If its automatically switching, does that mean you've preset a time for it to do so?
  • AGladePlugin

    Maybe even just having presets? And make those presets able to be keybinded to.

  • NoFace

    it's not a big hustle, writing this took you 10 times more than doing that

  • tired taurus

    I agree! Sometimes dark mode isn’t dark enough!

  • Kotaro

    Agreed! And a adaptive darkmode that works with OneUi, to optionally change on the time of day would also be really neat!

  • 404

    It’d be nice to have the ability to schedule the themes, since everyone has different bed times :* Love you guys

  • Costpap
    Please add this Discord. Being a person who likes to use Discord in the open during daylight, trying to read text in dark theme without trying to find a shadow is a pain. Switching to light theme and back again can also get tiring. It'd be lovely and very nice to me if this was added.
  • DragoCubed

    In response to amanie: I think a simple 3 second fade would suffice.

    I would love options for a preset time and another option for sunrise/sunset like Nova Launcher for Android has. The Reddit app has added sunset/sunrise automatic dark theme switching

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