Coloured code blocks



  • MSG

    yay, first...i'm so loanly

  • Sly Jonas
    That would be very nice, I do feel like it's a needed change
  • Ceneij

    ok, I read over the "on mobile" part in your post. sorry for being a dumbass.


  • MSG

    no problem!

  • TimeTravelPenguin

    Here is a mock image I made. I really hope this gets added, soon!

  • Alexis

    yeah that would really be nice!

    Mobile deserves same chances as desktop ;p

  • gl!tch

    Adding another vote on this in the hopes it becomes a reality.

    This would be a great addition for both coders and non-coders that use code blocks for their server rules and similar. Right now the code blocks are bland and dull on mobile. Plus its hard to properly use a code block on mobile when you aren't 100% sure what it looks like on desktop lolz

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