Hide blocked messages



  • O.O. Gold the Dank Meme Lord
    It's not possible the way Discord is structured. The only way to clear an unread notification is with an ACK (short for ACKnowledgement), which is a way of saying "I read this". If we were to ack when someone you blocked sends a messages, this does a bunch of bad stuff. The most important ones are: it hammers our service with requests and causes performance issues and the other is you can't ack specific messages. It's all or nothing. So if your best friend in the world goes "Hey, I have some free steam keys for the best game of all times, who wants one?" and the guy you blocked goes "I do!", you never see the notification and miss out on your free game. -Dabbit Prime
  • antimemes

    Does that rule out having it as an option though? 


    So long as users are notified that the true block feature would stop all notifications, that would be a reasonable pay off.

    On the servers I have been active in, everyone keeps all notifications turned off anyhow.

    Failing a true block, it would be fantastic if the block notification could be made considerably more unobtrusive visually, and if the message underneath it could not be unhidden. 

  • Ish

    Yeah, this would be nice. Blocked em for a reason after all lol.

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