Option to Suppress Notifications from Blocked Users



  • Knives

    Honestly I still feel removing the "blocked message" item from chat would still work out better than still seeing it. It should (in a perfect) world also mute any notifications from that person in a server as well. 


    "Blocked message" from a person I blocked just defeats the purpose of blocking that person, as I still see that they are talking despite the fact that a person may not want to deal with that infividual(whether they be toxic or otherwise). If anything it focuses on that person even more. 

    So I'm going to upvote this, as I was the one that said blocked messages should be gone twitter, and hopefully Discord will implement this into the suggestion.

  • Loukin

    I definitely agree that there should be an option to remove or completely hide blocked messages, too. But it should be an option, not the default. I've used chat clients in the past that by default just hid all the messages from blocked users and it made group conversations a nightmare to navigate. 

    Could also be nice to like, have an option to bar yourself from being able to see what the blocked message says. Lots of ways this could work out better. 

  • Knives

    Oh, absolutely. An option to remove "blocked message" from the chat would be even better than it'd give people a choice if they want to see it. It should be a settings option and not a server option though, cause you and a person you block can be in different servers.

    And I've dealt with chat clients that didn't even let you block people, so I know the nightmare.




  • Danny

    Okay, since I've come across this, I'll tie my post into this to further support the feedback.

    Ever had to block a user on discord only to have a huge "1 BLOCKED MESSAGE" taking up your entire screen whenever they talk? - If you're like me, you resort to simply not blocking them due to the message/space/separation left behind and would rather wipe them from existence instead. /s (Notifications, etc)

    So to the proposal. Whenever a user blocks another user, you have the option (preferably in the settings) to opt-out of the "X BLOCKED MESSAGE(S)" notification. It'll save a lot of frustration in the long run.

  • solitha

    Whether or not to see "1 BLOCKED MESSAGE" in chat should be an option, yes, but is not the same issue, and should probably be on its own feedback thread.

    The issue here is that Discord is showing unread-message notifications when the only thing "unread" is a blocked message. Only activity from unblocked users should result in notifications.

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