• waffles
    ouch my ears, use your inside voice
  • fear me

    lol who even has android 6 anymore


  • FoxyGamer77_Official

    I have Android 7.1.1

  • Maverik

    definitely needed

  • Alakki

    Me and a friend were in a scenario where we really wanted this very much, Please do implement this in ASAP :)

  • lavendersky11

    Please, make Screenshare over the mobile app possible! +1


  • criptixo

    having this added, would be absolutely amazing.

  • long boi

    Plenty of people still have Android 6 because of how slowly some manufacturers push out updates for their software (if at all)

  • twenty.secønd.piløt

    It's still worth trying. I would really like to see that, even if I couldn't use it

  • bisc

    I would also liek this feature, as  I am using a pixelbook. This means in some situations, sadly, I am operating in the worst of both worlds using chrome os.  so one of 2 things needs to happen make a chrome oriented version that allows screen sharing  or make the android one able to do it.

  • judge

    This could easily work even on iOS since IOS allows screen recording and screen broadcasting, you can currently share your iOS screen or android screen with other devices with teamviewer/teamviewer quick support.

  • maxic

    This isn't possible due to iOS limitations right now

  • Frosty
    Not bad.
  • Xx_SuPeRsLaYeR_xX

    ha, yall are low, i still use android 4.2

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