"Can post links" permission



  • Starfield_9
    There will be literally no way for discord to prevent users from posting links as users will find ways to still send links, however, they can disable link embedding, i.e. the click function.
  • Paradox

    This could help with limiting phishing links

  • Ainz Ooal Gown

    Invite a bot for your server in discord bots


    Ainz Ooal Gown ... i know but it would be amazing if discord make it!!! Also you can't trust bots imagine if the bot is offline then what are you gonna do???

  • ECC9

    Bot developers already made this feature and it's helping Discord. If the bot goes offline, get another one, there are tons of bots out there. 


    So, It makes no sense.


    @ECC9... that doesn't make sense because bot have bugs they don't delete links sometimes as a bot developer i know that...!

  • ECC9

    Yeah you know there are some bots that works...
    I've never seen a bot not to delete a link. You as a "bot developer" may fix your bot :)



  • minipasila

    This would be useful if you for some reason don't want to use third party bots to just disable links.. This should be a built in feature just like on Youtube for example (and Twitch etc). And also it would be great if you could choose which links to be disabled like having invite links disabled should be like its separate permission and then all links disabled.

  • Vaishak

    My discord server link !

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