Add a last online feature



  • Xilog


  • tristanfarkas
    This would be cool, but in my opinion it should be off by default. So users would have to manually enable it for themselves if they want to display it on their profile.
  • Thunder33345

    would be great if there's an visibility option like only visible for everyone, friends or no one

  • hiccups

    My friends list is getting bigger and it would be cool to know, if people are still using their discord accounts.

    And if you only show "online within the week" or "online within this month". That would be sufficient.

  • Supalien


  • Rexowogamer

    Make it opt in/you can select who you trust with this info

  • hiccups

    I think the best implementation is on telegram. There I don't see "was last online 1:31 PM".

    Instead I see "was last online within this day".

    That is cool. So you do not interfere so much in your privacy and still, I know if someone is actively using his account.
    I don't need to know exactly when he is using his telegram, but only approximately.
    If it would be like this, then it should be switched on by default.

  • rAkane (mihas.. alt account?)

    they could add a "seen" thing too, it would be cool


  • Prank Sinatra

    Only if it’s optional and requires both people to have it turned on.

  • eggs0base

    Dupe of nothing.. since this is the linked post. If it's a joke, and I've been whooshed, darn.

  • UltraFishMan

    Agreed, would like this feature.

  • Anequit

    Where the green or blue is


  • ColdLuck

    it could be good to see inactive users

  • BloxPixel

    Yeah, I agree. This feature will be awesome. I can finally check username or my friend when going offline for last longer.

  • The Savage Duckling

    Make it so that it shows the last online status and maybe what game they played. Somewhat like the Xbox app where it says:


    Last seen: 12hrs ago, battlefield 4


    But make it so they can disable the feature and/or only show it to friends.

  • VCJunky

    I support this request. This would be a great way to casually check on member activity, even if it is only restricted to people who have added you as friends. I believe it's really important information to have for administrators, clan leaders, etc. Please add this feature.

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