Verified user badge



  • ben™
    who would this badge go to? There aren't influencers per se on this platform, and discord staff and partners have a badge... I just don't see a use for it
  • tristanfarkas
    i feel like this could portray some kind of support by Discord not the server.
  • Tech

    @ben, this would go to verified users by the server admin. Really not that hard to only give him permissions.


    There are plenty of influencers, and even global companies on discord, i run two crypto businesses with over $200K in holdings. so i think you just don't realise how much discord is actually used for business.

    I have to  ban 1-2 scammers, every single day, because user names are not unique.

    just because you don't see a use, doesn't mean there is none. It's realitive easy to only portrait the badge if you are actually on the server where the badge person is dming you from.

    It's funny that a per server avatar gets upvotes, and a serious issue wtih identity control gets 9 downvotes.....

  • Atlas
    You can use server roles to indicate if an individual is "verified" or not and manage business transactions through your discord server (instead of DMs) or through another website. A Discord-wide verified badge would suggest that the individual is verified directly by Discord (like tristanflakes said) and that wouldn't be the case (from what I understand)

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