More slowmode flexibility



  • Starfield_9
    The API (aka discord bots) can currently set slowmode to any integer between (and including) 0 and 120 seconds. I don't see any good reason to use more than two minutes since that is a long time in itself.
  • Geebus

    You should be able to set it to whatever interval you want imo, there is no reason to have predetermined values only.

  • 0011

    @starfield_9 - There may not be many situations where having longer than 2  minute slowmode would be useful, there are a couple scenarios. While I'd image most channels focus on the more live aspect of a flowing conversation, some servers may  setup a channel specific for promotion and may want to limit it to once a day or once a week. For instance my server has a channel to allow people to advertise their clan. We only allow one post every 7 days and ended up using a bot that posts for them using a website we built, however others may not have that knowledge and may use a bot to try and manage that by deleting messages. That still requires a fairly high skill level and frustration on the user end to post only to find it deleted due to lack of education. If a slowmode was built in for that long they would have a system managed timer and easier for servers to setup.

    I can only image a few reasons why discord doesn't allow slowmode to last longer than 2 minutes, and that's either system limitations (performance issues keeping track of that for that long), or just not realizing other use-cases.

  • Kalegger

    Maybe 2.7 seconds ?

  • Buer

    Honestly should be 1-120. what is the point in even typing more than 1 message in 1 second.








  • Purpzie

    Definitely support this. Not everyone uses bots or even knows how to invite one to their server, they shouldn't be the relied-upon solution here.

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