Why not instead of pushing dev (Like betterdiscord) away. We add a addon shop onto discord and let user devlope new things for discord and give them the freedom to make discord their own. So both partys are happy. Ex- Themes tools



  • jet

    There's a lot of pros and cons to this one.

    I'd say something like this isn't a farfetch'd idea, but it's not something that is risk-free. There is a huge potential for abuse, and this would take some moderation on Discords end. 

    They've discussed, if briefly, possibly doing things like this but there is a lot of overhead to operating and maintaining something like this on a platform as big as Discord.

    Imagine adding a tool that let people share a virus with everyone, and you need to be able to delete that virus within minutes of it being added. That is the hoops Discord theoretically needs to jump through to make it work.

  • tristanfarkas
    i feel like this could open up many diffrent types of security flaws.
  • MoonlightCapital
    Well, I think add-ons would be a good idea, but they have to be approved by devs, and follow some strict guidelines

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