HypeSquad application accessibility



  • Starfield_9
    The whole point of hypesquad events is to lead or help at discord-promoting events. If you can't record a video of yourself, you definably won't be able to lead a hoard of people at an event.
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  • Ace (Fidgetcetera)

    That is not how disability works at all. Unless "leading or helping" at a discord event involves sitting in front of a camera and recording yourself talking, you are just fundamentally wrong. Disability can prevent you from being able to use a camera while still being able to help out.


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  • Sisakat

    By excluding people who have disabilities from the organization process, you'll also exclude event goers who have disabilities. Wouldn't it be better to have someone who is fluent in sign language or other knowledge for dealing with disabilities from the start before you have issues? Even if you say 'they're not going to be able to-' you can stop there and understand there will be people who attend events, even if they have disabilities YOU think would keep them from going. Please don't promote the idea that people with disabilities shouldn't be included in running events or doing things based off your own preconceived notions of their capabilities.

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