• jаckson
    that won't exactly follow the guidelines of the Play/App Store–for one, iOS devices won't be able to use that at all... you can only dl from the App Store, and on android Discord would need to be offered elsewhere, a *huge* turnoff for me, as well as lots of other people.
  • YaaBoiiCheesecake
    Jackson couldn't it be linked to the app in the Google play store? Instead of being downloaded directly through app, making it possible.
  • jаckson
    cheesecake-- the guidelines for each store generally require that all purchases that the app facilitates be routed through the marketplace. An alternative would be having an account management web interface where you can add a CC/PayPal. This is the reason Fortnite for Android uses a separate launcher/installer-- Google would't let them keep a larger cut of the IAP's, so they just made their own app and kept all of the money minus regular processing fees.
  • Haru 💙🌸

    Due to the way iOS apps work, this will most likely never happen to the same extent. This was even said before by Jethro (one of the devs for the mobile apps) in the Discord Testers server -

  • Alexis
    Well I don't really like the idea because I don't think that there'd be a real game selection as there aren't as much big games as there is on desktop

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