• communist elmo

    Nice idea, but I don't think making an icon and just make your server list just all over the place is a good idea.

  • waffles
    this may be a good idea as a perk for partnered servers
  • XxTrAnSFoRMzZ

    Discord should do this, and just have an option to disable the animation per server. If the admin wants an animated icon for the server, let them have it. If the members don't want it, there should just be a switch to disable it from animating on their own computer.

  • bastet_of_orion
    I could see this if others had an option to disable seeing it as a gif in their personal settings
  • Frosty

    Sounds like a good idea to be honest. If it's added as a feature, I think it should be for only Discord Partners

  • RabbitEXE

    I 100% agree! I'd love to have an animated icon for my server with my Nitro account.

  • Alexis
    yeah this would be cool to add, for partnered guilds perhaps?
  • Alexis
    yeah this would really be a nice thing to implement. Though It might be better just for partnered guilds.
  • ||Jojo||
    Animated icons are fine as long there will be an option to disable it
  • Grummy

    Great idea! What would be more realistic, is that there would be a user setting, where you can enable/disable gifs, as some devices can't handle gifs as well as others. The feature would also be good as a verification/partner perk. :)

  • ThatTonybo

    That'd just get abused.

  • ||Jojo||
    I think features for Owner + Nitro only would lead into a lot of permission/server abuse
  • Stuttero
    Decent idea, but what happens when that person's Nitro expires?
  • diep06 ._.



  • Leotomas

    probably more fitting for partnered servers, rather then servers with a nitro owner

  • Spleezzer

    I think it would be better if all users will be able to us these feature.

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