Make automatic idle an option to be disabled.



  • Ginny Weasley

    yes discord do it for my buddy

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    Or at least make it so a user can set the amount of time before auto-idle kicks in

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  • Galeharry

    This is a basic function of most chatting applications, there's no reason why Discord shouldnt have it.     


    Make it so that we can set an amount of time before idle status kicks in automatically.    I want to be online constantly when I'm in proximity to my computer. 

    Its infuriating that I cant make myself permanently online and then be trusted to set myself to away when im actually away. 

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  • 😈 ₭Ø₵ł₣ɆⱤ 😈

    I'd also like this to be a thing, for me it's because I've noticed that idle messes with Spotify syncing when listening to music with friends.

    I have a particular friend who likes to go off and do things while listening to music with me, but every time she goes idle, the sync disconnects and she finds it rather frustrating ^_^'.

    Being able to turn off auto-idle would be a quick fix, or just allow Spotify sync to work when idle but I'm not quite sure the specifics for that one o.o. I think it'd be easier just to add a "disable auto-idle" switch in settings, or at the very least like 'WICKED_AWS0ME' said extend the timer as having a longer time to connect back to the app would be less frustrating.

    Please kindly consider ~

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  • Lengo
    Good idea. Maybe they can just make an option to set the delay as well.
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  • JJ

    I'll be honest, I just don't want people to know whether or not I'm actively using the computer.  The automatic idle status prevents me from doing that.  I know I can switch to Do Not Disturb mode, but that prevents me from receiving notifications.  And Invisible mode may make people think I'm not there at all.

    It's a privacy thing.  I just want to be online, not switching statuses based on my activity.  I'm not aware of any other major IM platform that doesn't give you at least some control over this.

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  • Dravem

    Yeah a option to turn off the auto away or set the time for it would be great.
    Sometimes I'm not using the computer while reading/writing something or even AT the computer when just resting at the sofa or bed, but still close from it, and avaible if anyone want to talk to me, still the auto away make it seens I'm not at all, what aways trouble me, don't want to have to every 10 min have to walk to the computer and push the mouse or click something just to avoid Disc showing me as away.

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  • Elzie

    I'd like to drop my two cents to the pile!

    Discord sets me up as AFK even if I'm on my PC, doing stuff actively, with the discord window not active.

    I don't even move away from my keyboard yet discord goes "Oh hey, they haven't selected the discord window in 10 minutes, must be afk!" while I'm typing away happily in game or browsing the internet?

    AFK = AWAY FROM KEYBOARD. Which I'm not.

    So you know, discord please could you let us set the time and/or disable to auto-change? Like every other program does? Please. Pretty please :/ Seriously. Not a hard thing to do, I assume.

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  • Leif

    Yes. I would like this to be a thing. Please.

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  • vertex

    Lacking this feature I turned to always being away because when being away the program doesn't interfere with my command. Ha! I tricked it... lel =D

    Seriously tho - I fail to comprehend how people can implement an auto-away functionality and then consider it a good idea to leave out the option to turn it off. It's better to not have the software take some action on my behalf than having to work against the software design in order to have it do as I wish.

    In short: please add this, so I can get a green dot too. Always being orange makes me bananas.

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