Full screen-sharing features on Linux?



  • Tom

    I'd like this as well.

    I suspect that it might be an issue with X stitching all displays together as a single 'screen' by default. Discord might need some better X integration to get this working properly.

    EDIT: The screenshot taken from NVIDIA X Server Settings below shows I have two physical displays, but they're stitched together within one X screen. Discord just takes the entire screen, rather than both displays independently.

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  • WORM

    I think what Discord can do about this is heavily dependent on what Electron allows. That being said, this would be great if possible.

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  • XLP

    I already had put some thoughts into that and I see the problem

    I have actually have not much knowledge about that, but in OBS they also seemed to get it working via XSHM ... maybe the discord team could take a look on how they achieved it - but maybe someone with more knowledge on that could help here..

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  • Draconicrose

    I would love it if they fixed this. It's always a pain when I'm trying to show my friends stuff and I have to share both my screens. Usually the second screen is just discord though!

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  • LeSnake

    I want it too!

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  • PascalDLS

    Need this too

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  • Ryder5152

    Hi, I'm +1 -ing this because I'd really like if you could share sound with app window sharing, like you can do on Windows. It's the only missing feature I need and the only thing that keeps me from buying a Nitro subscription

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