A Form For Bots



  • ToxicMushroom

    I don't disagree but you could make a web dashboard with buttons and sliders.

  • chloroform chloe

    I'm a bot developer myself, and with the use of databases, it's very easy to make your bot guild configurable. Discord doing this would complicate things miles. How would you even get the results? Like ToxicMushroom said you can make a webpage and get your databases URI string considering you got a cloud database, HOPEFULLY not local. And edit the values via db.

  • VimHax

    I know its possible to do websites and stuff but that's not the point, its about convenience to the user (dev as well but user should be focused). I'm also a bot developer myself and I think that forms would really improve configs and other commands as well..

    Also there is no way Discord could make this sort of thing complicated, some maybe simple coordinates and events and some visual stuff and you are done! Doing on a website on the other hand may be the complicated part, so I still think that forms should be a thing

  • chloroform chloe

    So you want discord themselves to make an entire new feature for over 100 million people, directly at bots. Giving bot developers more of a hassle to comply with the feature, giving the developers of discord more work for some simple thing that's not even needed. It took me 35 minutes to make 10 commands to configure my bot, and it takes less than a minute to fully configure. Discord can't optimize each thing for each bot. Bot developers can make one, but I don't ever think Discord will add this.

  • VimHax

    Well first off, any feature is going to be for over 100 million people, that's just how features work and just because the feature is directed at bots doesn't mean its bad... Giving bot developers are hassle? This kind of feature wouldn't be as complicated as you think it may be, comparing to their updates (such as the store) this update is tiny. Not all features in discord are Needed, some are just there for pure convenience and the feature isn't useless because it allows to combine many commands into just one form with the ease of filling it... I know for a fact that it doesn't take time to do a config command, even if it would have I wouldn't care because its all about the user experience.

    Finally Discord doesn't have to optimize each thing for each bot. Forms can be generalized and if done right, there shouldn't be any specific optimizations needed for each bot 

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