make hotkeys program to specific controller buttons


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  • Ahnìon

    This has become a problem for me as well.

    To clarify:

    I have an XBox One controller, and I have a Thrustmaster T.16000M joystick and TWCS throttle HOTAS kit. Each of these is its own USB device. The way Discord works now, assigning a button on one of them assigns the same button for all other USB game controller devices. Since I use the Thrustmaster joystick and throttle together, this means that I can't map a throttle button to PTT or PTM without also having the corresponding joystick button do the same. Furthermore, if I were to wish to switch to my XBox One controller to play another game and have PTT or PTM on that, I would have to remap the button each time to get it where it would be practically useable.

    This is simply nuts. Discord needs to differentiate input from different game controllers.

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