Add a "Push to mute" option along with "Push to talk"



  • Exaint
    Good Idea! But u can set a Hotkey for muting your headset. So there is no need to switch apps and u can do it fast.
  • Joni
    Push-to-mute already exists. User Settings > Keybinds.
  • kenworth007

    If you talking about having to have the discord active to have you hotkeys working, you have to run discord in administrator.

  • noerest

    I was about to post the same thing. It's also useful when you're playing a game, with your friends and a random guy, and you want to use team chat. So for example, you hold T to mute Discord AND talk in the game. This will make it so you won't be heard twice (on Discord and in the game at the same time)

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