Add Fitbit Ionic/Versa app



  • Lieutenant

    While the concept is nice, this would require way too much dev resources for what it is worse, not enough of the discord userbase own a Fitbit Versa/Ionic (I'd say more use Android Wear or Apple Watch). As someone who used to own a Fitbit, you can configure notifications from Discord to be pushed to your Fitbit if you want to read messages.

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  • cable manager

    To add on: the app creation is ran through JavaScript. The Fitbit versa is a growing trend and having a discord app on the versa would not cause a big issue.

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  • ASB § Cyrus

    To be completely honest with you, I just ordered a fit bit versa and that would sound so so cool. If the discord devs actually wanted to have a discord app for the Fitbit store I’m sure they would of already created one, by now since the Fitbit iconic and blaze came out. I think maybe a reason they haven’t is because they have to incorporate JavaScript and some other Lang’s to develope the app, especially since Fitbit OS is running on some type of android.



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