Customise PTT (Push To Talk) Tones



  • TheReal

    Disagreed - It is there to let you know that it is PTT is on etc however people would set in inappropriate/silly and it would cause mayhem. It is fine as it is now.

  • stephano

    Agreed - it may help make discord servers more realistic if its used for RPs.

  • Abenyforlyfe10

    I agree. It would be nice to have it again.

  • ZizzyZizzy

    Agreed. It would make RP Servers much more realistic if we had custom PTT Tones!

  • PCLukeson

    I 100% agree with you there mate.

  • TurdyBirdy

    Agreed - I agree, but I think there should be preset ones, to prevent certain people messing around. Also I think the server owner should be able to change tone they have.

  • Finney

    Agreed - If it was user customisable, or even server, it can’t be abused. They choose the Audio file which is used for their own personal use, it doesn’t affect anybody.

  • theCROWNEDtaco

    Agreed- it would make RP more fun and Reaslistic

  • Captain_Stone_

    I Agree

  • Kyle

    I agree. It doesn't even need to be a server thing. Just make it a local user thing that way people can have that or the regular beep or what not

  • DuckMasterAl
    What about being able to change ALL of your sounds!

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