Calendar feature



  • Zarky

    As a side note, many of our guild's raid teams have their own channels. This would also help them in raid planning.

  • Luke

    Additionally consider Google Calendar integration.

  • Zephirah


    As stated previously, this will help a great deal with events for a large group in one place! With something like a ding from a Google Calendar that is integrated, that will help a member to remind them about the event as well. Not just the team of 20 to 30 players - but hundreds at the same time!


  • GyreWolf

    I was really missing something like this over the last week or so, as we were celebrating our guild's anniversary with so many event...  that I didn't know about...  because I am pretty much on Discord all of the time (and don't check out website nearly enough).

  • xandara

    I agree, a calendar feature with invitations would be amazing!

  • Sprout

    This would be a rather helpful feature - for many of the discords that I am a part of!

  • Eshelon

    This shot has navigated right into my heart.

  • krapka

    Calendar feature (with a grid view and stuff) to aggregate events from all servers you've joined would be awesome!
    Hope devs will consider it :)

  • Frazley

    I like this idea as it shows the beauty of Discord being across games. It will help keep guilds, raid teams and friends in the loop on what is going on! Could I even add a wishlist idea of an embed for websites and streaming services like Twitch/YouTube/Mixer?

  • Avtyn

    Would love to see a calendar feature in Discord. It would put just about every major tool we would need for raid planning in one place. Outside of in game prep that is

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