Delete Old Messages Button [ Suggestion ]



  • bastet_of_orion
    This can seriously skew narratives on servers, particularly if the person mass-deleting their own messages has committed ToS violations, and servers do deserve the ability to maintain historical conversations as part of their legacy. Enabling people to ragequit and gut servers in such a manner can quickly become a function of abuse.
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  • Alexis
    Yeah I'm sometimes having this kind of problems too... I guess discord is doing that to avoid data issues
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  • David Edson

    bastet_of_orion, maybe the servers can have a option to disable this option to members.

    Alexis, Good know that is not just me that have these problems.

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  • ✨dakota✨

    I'd really like the ability to delete messages from X date to X date.

    The ToS violation argument does not make any sense since you can still just delete the entire server or a chat channel in that case.

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  • TwistedTuesday219

    I agree. I have old messages with people I no longer talk with. I'd like the opinion to delete old unwanted messages. Could you all take that into consideration, without it being a function for abuse?

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