Discord Nintro.



  • Fürst
    Nitro is one of Discord major incomes It wouldnt make sense to disable it
  • zSnails ☭

    They get money from nitro, otherwise discord would be a paid service

  • AssistantFna

    They are gettig payed for having so many people clikcing at discord when they join. !! wtf they are getting lots of money from all the people that have discord. They even ask for money for emoji upgrade. wth !

    i am super angry right now





  • JohnyTheCarrot

    They do not get payed for having people click on a server. That's not how Discord works.

  • AssistantFna

    Yes they do and if not they still get paid for having this many people playing it

  • JohnyTheCarrot

    Lol no they don't.

  • Fürst
    Pls stop writing nonsense about Discord , Nitro wil never be free
  • Shay

    I'm not exactly sure what level of daft you are, but you definitely aren't approaching the totem of enlightenment. Discord gets paid by those who like the services enough to pay for the thing to which they enjoy. What you are suggesting is like saying people shouldn't be able to have cosmetics in a game just because someone in another region can't spend their money. Not going to happen. That isn't how consumerism works. People exchange money for services all across the world, this is no difference. Deal with it. The world isn't a fair place.

  • Xx_SuPeRsLaYeR_xX

    yo just wondering, what are their sources of income other than nitro and games

  • Universia

    Sometimes they sell merch at their events or event booths

  • CosminPlayz

    Let's make everyone a admin on discord! don't you think it'll be a good idea? /s

  • Dora

    They can't just make it free, they need to get money as well and therefore making nitro free is not really a good idea and will not happen.

    However, sometimes Discord could give away Discord nitro codes as they did with the event in December for hypesquad members, but they still need the money from nitro.

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