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  • Darth
    Where exactly would this be shown?
  • Zacatero
    The common thing to do, is to just have an invite in the main channel and that will show in the info total members
  • SuperSajuuk
    Bots are technically user accounts though, so the only way to prevent them being counted is to make them "not user accounts"
  • dA bALD eAGUL

    Server settings > members

  • NoVa_NeXYT


  • ↠Lana↞

    Well the easiest way to do it is to create a role. Whenever someone joins the server, one bot will automatically give it to them (you have to set this up manually). Then whenever you wanna see how many members there are, go check that role. 

    The only downside to this is that this role must be the highest role and you must display this separately from online members in order for it to work. 

  • Castor

    Many of you are missing the point. The suggestion is a counter native to the Discord application that shows the total number of members (perhaps it could display numbers of members on different types of roles) of a server, in that server. There are alternatives to this already as mentioned, including bots and of course displaying an invitation link, the latter being a bad idea if you control your invites. The point is if we had this then alternatives needn't be sought.

    Bots are a great addition to Discord, but many of them are filling in minor features that could easily be incoporated into Discord. The bot landscape has turned into a makeshift app' store--if you can think of a feature, there's probably a bot that can do it. To me, that's actually more of an issue than it is a boon. If anything it tells you that users want more out of Discord than it already provides. Especially when the features are somewhat minor, it makes you wonder why they aren't already a part of something that Discord does itself.

    Discord doesn't do this itself.

  • SlyThePervertedFox

    Why do we have to post an invite somewhere to see how many members are on a server we are already members of?

    If they can show it on the invite why isn't there a way for me to see it after being invited? Server settings does not seem to be active for all servers and some don't let you invite but require that you are invited by certain links the admins post in different places.

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