Topic tags for Spoilers



  • Fangur [Dro Mszrob]
    you can do this by doing topic ||spoiler||
  • ℍ𝕖𝕝𝕝𝕠 𝕋𝕙𝕖𝕣𝕖
    That’s genius! It would be nice because you could know if what’s under the spoiler is something you want to know or not!
  • outasi

    That's honestly a really great idea, especially for labeling stuff that some users might find disturbing for whatever personal reasons.

  • Eslam

    I was about to suggest this and I was recommended this topic,
    This is an absolutely great idea, because some people will randomly click out of curiosity otherwise they'll feel left out, this will help them make that decision properly.

    I prefer the syntax to be || label || spoiler text || so we can freely use brackets.
    It would read: label spoiler

    Please make spoiler labels mandatory if line contains only spoiler text,
    for example: game of thrones spoiler || titanic sinks || is okay to pass without spoiler label
    if a user tries to send || titanic sinks || they get presented with a bot message that says You tried to send a spoiler without context, do you want to label it? Yes / No
    if Yes: the text box is in edit mode, prefilled with label syntax and cursor is at the proper label location || enter label || titanic sinks ||

    this might not be feature rich, but the goal is to prevent one-line spoilers without context


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