Discord Feedback website: Add a "Community Topic" specifically for posts about Accessibility



  • bastet_of_orion
    An Accessibility topic would be *phenomenal*! Especially since we have a11y with Discord Testers - a parallel area in Feedback would help tremendously in sorting out which suggestions are accessibility-related and which are for the main demographic of Discord.
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  • Pearl

    It would do a lot to make us feel like the a11y parts of DT were actually going to be continued, as well -- it looks like #a11y-discussion lasted a whole 3 days from being originally opened until it went into "lockdown" because it was no longer "relevant" for the time being. That doesn't inspire confidence, and we need *something* to show us that the people at Hammer & Chisel are listening.

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  • thetechguy
    this is a good idea
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