Add more "Connections" to have special discord integrations.



  • ChickenOfDoom

    would love that since origin is not so small and  other sustems are integrated already :), would be helpfull when friend is looking to invite you :)


  • Shock

    Yea, I just went to add my Origin account and was disappointed it wasn't an option. Would definitely link Discord to my Origin account, should make adding friends easier.

  • Aldebaran

    Yeah, we have a growing Anthem server and are having to create kludges to keep track of who people are on Origin. This sort of integration would save us a lot of effort.

  • Pkkls

    I guess they will add it soon since there is APEX :) :) :) 

  • Tankk

    This will be so 😎

  • chloroform chloe

    Ask Uplay Ubiosoft and Origin.

  • Withered Striker

    I absolutely support this in every way possible. Would love to see Origin, uPlay & Epic Store sync on Discord.

  • Wrag

    For now discord must be closed if you want to speak in Apex, there are some code conflicts but probably not to difficult to resolve

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