Make the old UI a option



  • Azok

    yes i agree with yoshi295295

  • Matthew

    Got my support

  • Dream

    Yeah i want that too!

  • Funnyguy3D

    Please allow us to keep the old UI icons, the change isn't entirely appreciative by the userbase

  • [YT] Taylor Gibbs

    I agree im cringing looking at this new stuff


  • Ryze Main

    My eyes bleed when i see these new, huge icons. I got used to old ones, and today got suddenly changed to new ones.

    Plz Discord give us option to go back to old icons.

  • Gren the CMD Prompt

    I do like a few of the new icons but I still prefer the old ones. I do see how people like them but a toggle for them would be a good idea.

  • Suffix

    I'm fat, but why are the icons fat too :c ...? Is that my bad influence? 

  • biggiebagmonkey

    definitely think we should have the option to switch between the old and new UI, new looks big and clunky while the old one looked clean

  • Elon Musk

    i agree 100%

  • Joseph

    I agree with this topic. We should have the option to toggle the new theme. I personally like it, but it can hurt my eyes at times. I don't see the reason why we shouldn't have the option to toggle it.

  • Joseph

    To be honest, I really do hope that this becomes a feature in the settings or something. It would not harm anyone, might as well add it @Discord.

  • oRpheusB20

    While I would not consider the minor change in UI to be gamebreaking by any real standard, I do have to say that is is a bit of a nuisance considering the extra step. The search bar is what I love so much about Discord that I really wish Apple would give their default message app, as I reference, or at least want to reference, past conversations a lot. Arguably they need to provide us the option to put whatever we want as the default. But until that day, it would be fantastic to not run the risk of butt dialing your friends all the time.

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