Flag message as unread



  • Thunder33345

    do you meant "add a left sidebar of unread channels"

    or "add a read indicator"

    sorry but it's hard to read or understand what you wanted

  • Michael

    Being able to mark PMs/DMs unread would also be great!

  • Frosty
    Hmm, sounds like a good idea
  • Thunder

    On desktop just hold the Alt key and click the message to mark it as unread

  • Ten 🌈
    Holding Alt + double clicking on a message marks every message below it as unread.
  • spudpotato
    This would be useful for me, as I regularly forget about things.
  • Heliolopolis

    Oh goodness, yes. Please!

  • ƒαєяуℓ

    @Ten said, "On desktop just hold the Alt key and click the message to mark it as unread"

    I can confirm this works. However, I would propose something different or in addition to this.

    If Discord could allow a feature for each individual post in Servers and Direct Messages to have some different kind of a look until they're marked "read" and also allow them to be marked "unread" again by users.

    In Servers, it would be under "Manage Messages". In Direct Messages it could be in the same vertical dot menu as the Pin feature.


  • jdran

    This alt-click thing works, but it is a bit tech-savvy. I might forgot how to do it if I don't use it for a while.

    A most UI approach is to add a context in right click on the channel or anywhere else might be needed.
    Now a "mark read" is present, should be followed with a "mark unread" in the same manner.

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