What happened to the Discord store?



  • CloudTheWolf

    As a developer I have halted the release of my game on discord for now as it's pointless releasing on a platform with no front end... guess I'll stick with Steam for now.

  • antv199

    Even if I can still access my games from my library, it's still a strange approach for customers and devs.I think the previous design was better.

  • Malkantar

    I still cant find the store games, only nitro. Where do I go to see store games?

  • XEqualsPenguin

    @Malkantar you can't. That's what most of this comment thread is about, the fact that the Discord Store functionally no longer exists.

  • Malkantar

    Ok so the store just doesn't exist anymore. So we cant buy games off discord anymore....sigh

  • XEqualsPenguin

    You technically can, but not easily. You have to already know what game you want to buy and hope they have a verified server. If they do, you can join that server and purchase it there. Discord has completely removed the ability to browse for games, which was and still is a major part of shopping for games. People often don't know what they want and will instead browse through the steam catalogue, the Epic store, or a physical retailer like Best Buy or GameStop (or whatever store applies to you). Instead only people who most likely already have purchased the game are able to find where to buy the game on Discord. It's a major problem both for consumers and developers (as I mentioned in a previous comment, I am both).

  • Malkantar

    Wow, that's just bad. Makes no sense. I thank you for your info and help though.

  • XEqualsPenguin

    I just received the above email. Correct me if I'm wrong, but won't that make it even harder to find a game? Now servers that have games are, by default, not even searchable on Server Discovery.

    Don't get me wrong, I like using Discord for chatting. It's just sad to see the chances of me releasing a game on it diminish more and more. Also, I'm not quite sure "50+ games" is a selling point. There are 89 games on Nitro.
    ... come to think of it, that's not many games either.

  • ELRinley

    What is WRONG with you?! Punishing people for not chipping into Nitro. Cool. Thanks, guys. I literally can't even shop for Discord-purchasable games by looking for their servers!!!

  • CloudTheWolf

    Another bad decision has been made!
    Now they are removing vanity URLs so that you can only get them if your server is verified. I'm close to jumping ship and just distributing on my own website.

  • Devilskock

    I wonder if they were attempting to do something similar to what bandcamp has for music artists. The custom server thing seems similar to how you can have a custom URL that doesn't mention bandcamp in the name despite still running through the site (same for background, tags, artwork, videos, physical merch, etc.) I think they missed a pretty big thing from that though and it's that bandcamp actually has a store to browse that links all of those URLs together in a way that's easy for both the artist and the buyer. It's setup like any other online storefront when just browsing up front but goes to the more specific pages when you click on it. Discord just kind of failed on it by allowing the servers but doesn't group them by tags, show new games, have a storefront that links them now and has no way of knowing if the server even has a store link. Very dumb way of doing it and I would hope for their sake they revert it back since the big two right now are Steam and Epic, trying to compete while making it actively harder to buy anything on your store when convenience is everything is a very poor choice.

  • Victorian_Clambake


    I'm a developer about to release a game on Discord and as I was completing my personal checklist, I realized I have no idea what to really expect.

    If your server is buried and your game hidden, then your marketing seriously does have to occur somewhere else. If the intention of Discord is to host games for sale rather than sell them for you, that 90/10 revenue split suddenly makes a lot more sense.

    My professional opinion is that this is a remarkably poor decision. There used to be a nice storefront and now that there isn't one Discord makes even less sense then Itch.io- I hope they bring the store back.

    - Victorian Clambake

  • XEqualsPenguin

    You make a really good point. The 90/10 does feel representative of putting in the absolute minimum effort possible.

  • Ace

    Seriously though, The store tab was implemented great. This decision doesn't make sense.

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