Option To Restore Deleted Servers



  • Neztore

    Kinda defeats the point of.. y'know...

    Deleting them?

    Deletion is final; that's the whole point!

  • DipsieSBRS

    Just a time limit for restoring, 7 days of something.

  • DustWolf

    A grace period for restoring something that's been deleted is standard practice everywhere but on Discord, where you are always just a click away from nuclear apocalypse.

  • Hurricane

    I agree, with how easy it is to delete a server, it would be good if there was an option to restore it for a short while after. Lots of big companies allow this, for example, Microsofts Office 365 allow you to recover a mailbox up to 30 days after deletion.

  • Fenris

    I'd also prefer a grace period. Recently had an experience where an administrator deleted a server without permission from other administrators and they had to build a new server from the ground up for their community. Really sucked. Would've been nice to be able to restore it and prevent the damage at all.

  • KingSpartan

    I also agree with the grace period for server recovery. Maybe have administrators agree on deleting the server rather than a single person with choice of pushing the big red shiny button.

  • Fenris

    Yes to the above, God forbid two admin have a fight and one decides to delete everything they worked hard to make via the server, it's channels, pinned messages, etc.

    Allowing admins to agree to delete the server sounds good. I'm not sure if one admin can remove another admin to bypass this (and if they can that's its own can of worms) but at the very least server deletion shouldn't fall to one person.

    If that's not possible maybe set up a waiting time for the server deletion. Like if you want to delete it then it can be scheduled to be deleted in 24 or 48 hours along with a warning to staff members, or all members. That way those who want to salvage it have the time.

    I'm sure my suggestions seem a bit dramatic but just food for thought all the same.

  • pope

    Once you delete a server, it's gone for good. To ask for the ability to restore servers is very much a moot point, as when you delete any of your specific servers (ones you own) their content will be deleted permanently. There's no way to recover them when this happens since the data contained in that server is also deleted as well, again permanently.

  • DustWolf

    @pope that's not the way databases work.

  • Cameron

    I would also like a grace period. Especially on mobile where you don't even need to type in the name to delete a server

  • DjayDino


    I just accidentally deleted my channel as well (inside edit channel)

    There Should at least be a WARNING popup saying "You are about to Delete this Channel with all its content... ARE YOU SURE YOU WISH TO DELETE???

  • Izuku Midoryia

    I Just Deleted My RP Server Me And My Friends Have Been Roleplaying On For Days. I Wish For A Restore Your Server Area Plz! That Server Took Alot Of Hard Work!

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