We need an option to hide the member list from certain roles to prevent spammers from mass PMing large servers.



  • Trazire

    Definitely. This would be critical to stopping any potential self-bot raid from happening.

  • SpriCa

    Would be great!

  • ElementalKnight

    Agreed. We're facing this same problem right now, in fact!

  • Skairipa

    Totally agree! I have a server which I added verification system (lobby where I kinda 'interview' members first) and many people just join to go offline and send to the server's members via DM p#rn and possible virus links. It's quite annoying. 

    Note: If they'd also add an option to actually 'report' accounts would be great too and easier for Discord staff to go banning/closing spamming accounts.

  • Bair RoSD

    Another reason that this should be something included is to keep people from being able to DM members. Just had an issue where a person came in, didn't have member status (so only could see the welcome area), and sent nudes/inappropriate pics to a member.

  • superobot1

    I was just typing up a similar request- discord team, please get on this!

    Another option is to "lock" certain roles from clicking on other users / sidebar users for more info, and also lock them out of DMing people.

  • Hallgrim

    +1. Very difficult to deal with otherwise.

  • DazzaJay🇦🇺

    100% need this.
    I'm getting a massive amount of "users" joining, then immediately sending virus links to all members of my server through DM's.

    I've been able to slow it down by enabling the "Must have a verified phone number on discord account" option for the server, but even that isn't stopping them.

    I have a captcha bot for the server, so when a new user joins they have to complete a captcha before they can see any of the other channels, but that doesn't stop them seeing the entire server member list, and thus the spam continues. :-(

  • a_muse_meant

    100% need

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