remove game store tab for nonnitro sub



  • Regex

    You can, there are many free games avaliable on here, and I may not have found some of them if it weren't for being able to browse it.

    Some examples:
    Mad Machines,, Warframe, etc.

  • ExiledTroll

    yes it is great to browse if you have nitro, but if you don't none of those free games are free

  • Regex

    untrue, mad machines is free, and so are the others I listed
    I myself don't have nitro but still installed them via the discord game store

  • ExiledTroll

    what discord game store? it doesn't exist any more


  • ExiledTroll

    also the free games that aren't free i was talking about was the nitro games ... obviously ...

  • Jonah

    You can hide the nitro store in settings. Better thing to ask for is the return of the normal store

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