Spellcheck for Windows 7-Please add it



  • ks

    Discord didnt add spellcheck on win7 for technical reason which is: Windows 7 dont have spellchecking API discord use that was introduced in windows 8

  • Hazel Van Der Merwe

    Well they can make a built in spellcheck for the app, which I admit would take a lot of hard work to do, and even if it was possible, would have to be tested. Not sure how it will work though, but hope one of these days it might be possible to be added.

    Also here's hoping I get a new computer with Win10 installed on it.

  • Sin Shadow Fox

    I desperately need spellcheck so i hope they add it to discord. Also KS windows 7 DOES have spellcheck i'm using it right now to type this so stop spreading lies.

  • ks

    @Sin Shadow Fox
    Windows 7 **Does not have OS level spellcheck API** most browsers/text editors have their own build in spellcheck feature that don't use OS api

    Discord uses **Operating System Spellcheck API** which does no exist below windows 8

  • Sin Shadow Fox

    But stuff outside my browser also has spell check so HA!

  • ks

    quoting my own comment
    "Most Browsers/text editors use build in solutions" this also extend to majority of software that allow for text input.
    as i said, Spellcheck API which discord use exclusively was introduced in Windows 8

    source: Microsoft documentation https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/desktop/intl/about-the-spell-checker-api
    "The Spell Checking API is available beginning with the Windows 8 or Windows Server 2012"

  • Sin Shadow Fox

    well if so many things don't use api or whatever then why dosnt discord just switch to whatever everyone else is using?

  • ks

    pure speculation: Performance

    personally i wouldn't be suprised in Windows api usage allows to get better app performance (less code to load since dev only need to call ISpellChecker functions instead of whole spellchek as independent feature)

    this is only speculation, they might have other reasons

  • Sin Shadow Fox

    maybe if we could figure out what those reason are we could expedite the implementation of spellcheck to discord?

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